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Favourite things…

Finding two Shreddies still stuck together side by side, uncut, in your box of cereal. They’re made to be with each other! (Also, can I talk about how much I love the “Diamond Shreddies” ad campaign for this deliciously waffled whole wheat delight? An intern came up with the whole concept. Sometimes I think about […]
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The Penultimate Last Show

Spent a good few days in the Maritimes for Risky Business’s last three shows. Here is the second-to-last one at the House of Dogs, the unofficial abode of Haligonian hardcore alumni. For more, go to Former Transformer.
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From the archives, part 1

I had forgotten about a whole pile of low-res film scans I’d uploaded to Yahoo Photos during my high school days (before the blog, before the portfolio, before any photo clients like Photobucket or Imageshack). Anyway Yahoo emailed me about my account because they’re closing their photo project to concentrate, understandably, on Flickr, and asked […]
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Quantifiable proof I was a loser.

Preface: This post will heretofore be known as Part 2 of last month’s entry, “Things I Regret“. In Part 1, I mentioned how a combination of fate and dysfunction left me with a total of 0 photos of my first boyfriend, Lee. Four years ago, I was invited by John to be an audience member […]
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A Year in Review, 2006

In keeping with my own little annual e-traditions, it’s the photo year in review! Happy new year, bebs and bebettes.
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