From the archives, part 1

I had forgotten about a whole pile of low-res film scans I’d uploaded to Yahoo Photos during my high school days (before the blog, before the portfolio, before any photo clients like Photobucket or Imageshack). Anyway Yahoo emailed me about my account because they’re closing their photo project to concentrate, understandably, on Flickr, and asked me to back up any content I had on their site. Lo and behold, some gems from my early, early days as a photographer. Most of it is pretty classic high school, 17-year-old photographer, but there are some gems. Over the next week or two I’ll probably post the high- and low-lights.

This tree was a fixture for RHHS students, right on the path leading into the woods behind the football field; this was where everyone went to smoke weed between classes. This was stitched out of five or six frames. Those nubs at the bottom are my feet – my beloved red New Balance 575s that were always a half size too big.






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