Category: Nostalgia

  • You’re invited! (A post-layoff update)

    Getting laid off comes with its own set of anxieties but once I let go of them, it was pretty alright. I’ve got almost a full-time schedule now as a freelance editor; I’m embarking on a four-week trip through Central America on Monday. Most exciting of all, I am putting together a solo photo show […]

  • A few words about my dog Tucker

    I’d never wanted a fluffy dog, but my mom decided to adopt Tucker from friends. And so, suddenly we had a five-year-old fluff-ball that looked like an Ewok. Or a Wookie. An Ewookie? A Wookiewok? I was horrified to discover on the mantle of the previous family’s home a framed photo of Tucker with long, […]

  • Teenanger

    Reading about all these super-young bloggers who have fabulous lives and mothers who buy them Chloe purses had me wondering whether any teenager actually leads an awkward, angry existence the way I, and so many of my friends, did. Shame… all the pop cultural nostalgia they’ll have seven years down the road will be… Girl […]

  • Summer

    From the Brig last summer — that being Mike’s family cottage on the St. John River in New Brunswick.

  • The other kind of newspaper war

    John Doyle wrote a great column about the reality of newsrooms today, focusing on MTV’s surprisingly not-vapid reality series The Paper, about an award-winning, ego-driven high school newspaper. You can read it here, if you’re one of the poor suckers that actually bought a Globe Insider subscription. (I’ve attached it behind the cut for the […]