You’re invited! (A post-layoff update)

Getting laid off comes with its own set of anxieties but once I let go of them, it was pretty alright. I’ve got almost a full-time schedule now as a freelance editor; I’m embarking on a four-week trip through Central America on Monday. Most exciting of all, I am putting together a solo photo show in December, at the very awesome 2186 Dundas gallery.

I spent six or seven years shooting pretty much every hardcore show in Toronto — including a few in the living room of my decrepit shared apartment — and the show will be a collection of the best of it. Though I was reluctant to do the show at first, once I started going through my archives I realized 2003-2009 was a vital time for the southern Ontario hardcore scene, with local and touring bands such as Fucked Up, No Warning, Urban Blight, Career Suicide, Trapped Under Ice, Cold World and Fearless Vampire Killers (aka Cro-Mags). Venues have been torn down, turned into condos or grocery stores or yuppie furniture slingers.

The show will run December 5-11 at 2186 Dundas. In addition to the prints on display, there will also be a companion photo zine for sale.




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