A serious question about dogs and wolf howling

Is it a thing, where dogs’ heads get all twisty when they hear a wolf howl? Some of these mutts seriously look like their heads are going to pop right off. Observe:

German shepherd howling:

Pomeranian howling:

Pit bull howling:

I tried this on my my bull terrier, and she did not howl, or even perk an ear, or lift her head. That she is a people-dog, not a dog-dog, might have been my first indication that she would have zero interest, but I tried. Then again, better that she didn’t start yowling — bullies are bad enough without teaching them bad habits on top.






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  1. Moses Avatar

    It’s interesting how these dogs cock their heads and seem to ponder before they respond. One wonders whether they feel kinship with fellow creatures.

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