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A serious question about dogs and wolf howling

Is it a thing, where dogs’ heads get all twisty when they hear a wolf howl? Some of these mutts seriously look like their heads are going to pop right off. Observe: German shepherd howling: Pomeranian howling: Pit bull howling: I tried this on my my bull terrier, and she did not howl, or even […]
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How to Piss Off Toronto Police 101

(via @markdelete) I realize this is like, two months late. I’M BUSY. Like a lot of other Torontonians, I was pretty pissed off about the G20 — pissed off at the indignity of having to march next to Black Bloc at the main march on the Saturday; pissed off at the Black Bloc during the […]
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Dogs and stuff.

This is my dog Tucker. This is the retard cousin to my dog.
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Somehow this scene from 40-Year-Old Virgin is made so much better by upping the pitch on the audio.
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Another one to add to The Rob Ford Files…

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