Quantifiable proof I was a loser.

Preface: This post will heretofore be known as Part 2 of last month’s entry, “Things I Regret“.

In Part 1, I mentioned how a combination of fate and dysfunction left me with a total of 0 photos of my first boyfriend, Lee. Four years ago, I was invited by John to be an audience member for this Zwan performance on MuchMusic (I come in at 7:50). I had already made plans with Lee, so I felt obliged to bring him along, even though at a very nascent three weeks into the relationship, I had a nagging suspicion he hated my taste in music. But I didn’t care. I was obsessed with Billy Corgan.

So we were whisked into the CHUM building, and given a prime TV spot behind the drumset of one Jimmy Chamberlin. He even gave me one of his drumsticks during the commercial break. I still have it, perched on top of my VHS copy of Vieuphoria and next to to the $1 USD bill, signed by Billy Corgan (which I promptly framed the next morning).

The point being, in the whole 9-minute clip, there isn’t a single fucking shot of Lee! This guy must have been a CSIS agent or something – between the frustration of trying to get through to his phone and his sketchy, noncommittal behaviour, I should have seen it coming. Haha.

On the up-side, you all have more blackmail material. Do you see the fading blue streaks in my hair? My only saving grace is the Rival Schools tee on my back. Thanks to Peter for giving me the heads-up on this little gem.






2 responses to “Quantifiable proof I was a loser.”

  1. Jason Avatar

    One time I was invited to “Much Breaks” a bboy showcase at the Chum Building.
    One thing I could not agree on was the super plastic facade in which they treated civilians.
    We were set up in rows placed strategically for camera show.
    When the director raised his hands it was a sign for us to cheer.

    I refrained from this and went to the back of the studio to practice with some randoms.
    Then sort of got kicked out of the building because I was standing on the tables.
    The security guard hated me.

    A pop culture plastic society. That’s what television is.
    I’m glad you had fun though. You look about 5 years older on video.

  2. Jess Avatar

    Zwan? Really?

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