Dear diary…

Yesterday, a strange man showed me his penis.



I headed to the bus stop near my house just before 9 a.m. this morning so I could book it to work by 10. I miss the bus 8:49, natch (thanks, YRT… you could have spared me this whole episode). I’m sitting on the bench in the fishbowl shelter, waiting for the thing to roll up, minding my own business. Up walks this dude who looks relatively normal, but he’s got a queer little smile on his face and a phone glued to his ear. Don’t make much of it, but strangely, oddly… as I’m spacing out, in my periphery vision I notice the 501-looking jawns he was wearing, and I think Hmm, those are nice jeans. Wonder if they’re selvedge. I feel someone burning their eyes into my head.

And then. And then… my eyes drift upward from the patch of concrete I had been oogling – while he was oogling me.

But stop.


In full view – in all its wrinkly, erect glory…

Is his penis. Peeking out. Through his fly (by the way, they were zip, therefore removing the possibility that they were 501XXs. Glad I got that out of the way). To his face my eyes then turn, and I see the creepiest, slightest wondrous smile of a face. Like a kid in a candy store. Or like an old pervert looking at the kids in the candy store.

In a panic I pull out my phone to call someone, anyone. He figures I’m calling the po-po, so he zips up and heads back from whence he came. The police came over last night to take a statement, and now my mother thinks I shouldn’t take the bus ever again.

The end.






4 responses to “Dear diary…”

  1. Peter Avatar

    Wow, you certainly seem to be getting a heavy dose of creepy men recently.

    Hmm, you were right about the darkroom. I’ve recently starting doing a lot of stuff in there and it is very eye opening. And enjoyable, which I didn’t think it would be. Anyways we need to go shooting sometime, but I don’t know when, since I’m buried under work. Maybe mid-November? I kinda want to do some abandoned buildings stuff, you interested?

  2. Jess Avatar

    I was walking through the park today, when I saw a man starting to play with his fly, and got creeped out. I was reading in teh National Post today about a serial flasher in downtown TO.
    They’re out there.
    If I wasn’t going to become a bird lady, I’d like to become a flasher, I think. Except I don’t have the right parts.
    Fuck, guys get to do all the good stuff!

  3. ash Avatar

    oh god. creeeeepy.

  4. […] Today, for the second time in a matter of months, I had a run-in with a pervert at the bus stop on the way to school, The same bus stop, the same time. My account with the moustached man back in October is documented here. […]

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