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  • Chibougamau, Pt. 4

    At a kids’ Bible camp, cleanliness is next to godliness. (Okay, poor humour. Love this shot even if my arm snuck in on some fourth-wall tip.)

  • Chibougamau, Pt. 3

    Juani, 2, 3, MySpace pose! This is the first night of the camp. She got a hold of some masking tape and made me write out for her “Canice is my best friend” and then stuck it to her shirt. Maggan, little sister to Darcy (see last post) and littler sibling to April (picture to…

  • Chibougamau, Pt. 2

    Darcy, Jayden and Isaiah get their egg salad on. Inexplicably, these kids love their mayo and hard-boileds. A bit of je ne sais quoi. My mom was in charge of cooking for almost 30 people, staff and kids combined. Pretty huge undertaking, and the food was always good. Daily grocery trips ran into the hundreds,…

  • Chibougamau

    Peter is 10 years old. It was his first time at the camp. In the first week of July I went up to Chibougamau, a town in northern Quebec – a 16 hours drive from Toronto and a town seemingly closer to the Hudson Bay than my preferred sort of civilization. I helped my family…

  • New York, Day 1

    Bye, Toronto.