Peter is 10 years old. It was his first time at the camp.

In the first week of July I went up to Chibougamau, a town in northern Quebec – a 16 hours drive from Toronto and a town seemingly closer to the Hudson Bay than my preferred sort of civilization. I helped my family and their church group to run an annual week-long kids camp for the Cree First Nations kids who live on Ouje-bougamau, a reserve ajacent to the town. Unforgettably cute, unforgettably tragic stories. I have a hard time even a month later trying to process how I felt about the 10 days up there, so maybe the stories will have to wait for later.






3 responses to “Chibougamau”

  1. Jess Avatar

    I’m really interested to hear your stories and compare them to my own time spent on the reserve. . .
    last summer I spent a considerable amount of time with my friend Jacob, who was living on the res running a social program for recreation on the res. I think he’s still processing. . .

  2. chris_n Avatar

    i love your photography, i was wondering if you were using a lens made for a smaller sensor (on your 5d) on the first pic with the radical vignetting?

  3. caniceleung Avatar

    thanks. and that is correct. i’m using an EF-S lens on it. (well, not really ef-s since it’s a tokina, but close enough).

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