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  • On douches, douchebag advertisers, and selling uncleanliness to women

    Just last night I was watching Killing Us Softly 3, a documentary (really, a videotaped speech before a college audience) by media/advertising activist Jean Kilbourne in which she breaks down the messages, trends and symbolism in beauty, clothing, alcohol and cigarette advertisements geared towards women — specifically, under-30 women. It was made in the early…

  • More on hockey: Whither our golden girls when Games are over?

    ‘Cause I’m beating this horse good and dead before I move onto another topic to rage about, I wrote about hockey again, this time for my Metro column: Both our hockey teams struck Olympic gold in Vancouver. The next day, hockey fever raged on for the NHL. But whither the women after the podium is…

  • Okay, so not quite fulfilling my New Year’s resolution to blog once a week

    At least not here. But I did, for This Magazine last week, on how hockey is, in its modern incarnation, an elitist and un-Canadian sport. Saying as much is apparently is a kind of controversial thing to do while the nation is stoking its Olympics-fuelled sense of patriotic pride and the men’s Team Canada hockey…

  • No more shark fin soup

    She’s bummed.

  • Death is imminent

    Off today’s DJ wire, bright and early: Crocs plummeted 44% premarket after the footware maker slashed its second-quarter guidance and offered a disappointing outlook for the year, reflecting a “challenging” U.S. marketplace and slower-than-expected growth internationally. Take that, NAS:CROX. Your time is up.