Category: Strange Anthropology

  • The chicken buses of Central America

    This past month I went on an amazing four-week trip through Central America. I took this chicken bus from Antigua, Guatemala, to Santiago Sacatepequez, an hour’s drive away, for Day of the Dead celebrations on Nov. 1, 2013. Only the biggest cities in Central America seem to have public transportation — in the absence of…

  • It’s a good life if you can swing it

    Three people attending to a very happy bulldog (with purple-painted nails!) at Woofstock, in Toronto on June 11, 2011.

  • Motorcycles and stuff

    Some photos from the motorcycle show a couple weekends ago in Toronto. (Oh, right. I did a stupid thing a few months ago and bought a motorcycle. Sorry mom.)

  • Atsushi Wada

    Day of Nose, Atsushi Wada Sometimes you spend 10 minutes watching a short animated movie that on the surface appears to not have any meaning, but you still come out of it feeling deeply unsettled.

  • A haiku for springtime

    The air warms; snow melts, revealing a winter’s worth of unclaimed dog shit.