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Locavorism at its purest and most insane.

Eating local is expensive and time-consuming, which is why this consumerist movement will not easily trickle down into mass society. It requires a willful abstinence from convenience and plenty, a core promise of the modern world. Our bountiful era is predicated on the division of labor: We don’t sew our own clothes, we don’t build […]
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Ooh I’ve got the jibblies…

It’s 11 a.m. on a Monday. I’m sleeping in (rare these days) and my cellphone starts ringing. Canice, discernibly irritated: “Hello?!” Middle-aged black dude: “Hey, um, this is _________.” C: “Who?” MABD: “__________. I was on Law and Order and I’m in the upcoming movie American Gangster with Denzel Washington and Russell Crowe.” C: “Uh… […]
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Postcards from Coney Island

These are pretty much the last of my New York photos. If I find more worth posting, they will be eventually (I would have said there were more, but mysteriously, a folder containing more photos from Red Hook, Brooklyn has disappeared). The (in)frequency of my blogging has been detrimentally affected by the disappearance of an […]
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Coney Island, Pt. 4

There’s probably an official name for this, but basically just off the main strip of Coney Island’s boardwalk, a congregation of peeps were gathered to celebrate freedom and mourn those that died when slave ships crossed over to America. I witnessed many people in t-shirts demanding reparations for slavery, and equal numbers of curious onlookers. […]
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West 4th Courts

The famed Nike-sponsored basketball courts at W 4th St. and 6th Ave. Not exactly as cool as Boogie‘s, but I was standing behind a fence, with a wide angle lens. What can you do?  
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