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That took long enough…
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The other kind of newspaper war

John Doyle wrote a great column about the reality of newsrooms today, focusing on MTV’s surprisingly not-vapid reality series The Paper, about an award-winning, ego-driven high school newspaper. You can read it here, if you’re one of the poor suckers that actually bought a Globe Insider subscription. (I’ve attached it behind the cut for the […]
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Proof that advice columnists can be journalists too.

Here. As compelling a read as anything by Gay Talese or Amy Waldman or David Friend. Who says sex columnists don’t have any depth?
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Another one to add to The Rob Ford Files…

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Fuck you, j-school

It’s Saturday night. As I mentioned in a previous post, I was supposed to put the Review to bed yesterday — which I guess technically we did, but since the role of editor is to take care of all the niggly leftovers, here I am in the lab again reading proofs and agonizing over the […]
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