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Oh, Sandy

Belatedly stumbled across this brilliant reviewin the July/Aug issue of the Atlantic: [Linda] Hirshman’s thumbnail review of recent feminist history [in Get to Work … And Get a Life, Before It’s Too Late] makes for prickly, entertaining reading. “Just over thirty years ago,” she rails, “the feminist movement turned from Betty Friedan, the big-nosed, razor-tongued […]
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Tweet tweet.

I’ve nearly abandoned this blog since I signed up for Twitter. There’s something so satisfying (especially for an anal-retentive self-editor who makes drafts of message board posts) to keep my inane thoughts to under 140 words. Also, after several weeks of nerve-wracking uncertainty (because I am also a compulsive planner that fears uncertainty in life […]
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Media watchdogs and all that

Today I found out I won third place in the Consumer Magazine: Investigations and Analysis category at the 2008 AEJMC awards for my Review story on Harvey Cashore. It’s nice to know people read my 6,000 word self-indulgent (me, not Harvey) opus on a then-unknown CBC journalist, yeah? Since then he’s been featured on J-Source […]
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Career moves

The fine boys at Stuck in the City were kind enough to give me a soapbox, which I’m always eager to stand on, to yap about my band photography. You can read it on their blog, and peruse some of the better/stranger photos I’ve taken in my day. For more, go to Former Transformer. Also, […]
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China’s Silver Lining

Sophisticated people are honestly trying to do the right thing, in ways official propaganda had not prepared me for. Like England, the United States, Japan, and others before it, China is passing through the environmental-disaster stage of industrialization and beginning to clean up. The difference is that those countries waited until they were rich before […]
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