A couple things…

It’s not often that I clamour for the centre of attention (in fact I think my voyeurism as a photographer and journalist has something to do with that deflection of celebrity), but I Google myself once in a while just to see who’s linked to me. Don’t judge me, I know all of you do it, too. Usually it’s a mixed bag of band photography and examples of very poor clippings that make me cringe, but this is the first time I’ve ever legitimately LOL’ed. Here’s some guy asking about photographic evidence of April’s Lifetime show.

I dont think kid with camera was there.. but the girl from figure four was.. any idea on her site?

I’ve been called the token Asian, the band whore, a lot of things through this hobby/project… but honestly… I thought girls in hardcore were memorable enough that we were all pretty identifiable. Maybe all bets are off when it comes to slant-eyes… AZNS ALL LOOK SAME.

Secondly, I’ve been upping my bike mileage a lot over the past month. Photographing for Spacing had me climbing the St. Clair hills three or four times in one week, going from the Beaches all the way to High Park on the reg. Secondly, I’m doing an 8-day, 800km unsupported bike tour from Toronto to Manitoulin Island, during which time we (Rene, Justin and I) will be riding a century a day (dies). The Freedom Haters Bicycle Club rode the 50km Becel Ride for Heart yesterday morning, and it was a piece of cake. I’m still kind of worried about riding that hard for so many days in succession, but not as worried as before.

Been taking lots of photos the last few months, as well as a few rolls of Lomo Fisheye shots I have yet to develop. Should be fun.






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  1. essa Avatar

    hahah i love googling my name. so creepy sometimes

    and the girl from figure four. amazing haha

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