I’m going to skip the apology for not blogging and just get right to the excuses. Here is what I’ve been doing lately:

  1. McClungs – Because of flakey photographers, and because we’re going to print next Monday, I’ve been shooting approximately 50% of the visual content. I guess that’s what small productions are like, completely dominated by the masthead.
  2. Internships – It’s hard enough putting yourself out there and applying for internships at major Canadian magazines, it’s another thing to do it when you KNOW you’re outshined by older, better, smarter, faster, wiser, savvier journalism graduates who are more desperate and poorer than you. So basically it’s a lost cause applying in the first place, but I convince myself it’s “for the experience.” Exception: Spacing magazine, see point 3.
  3. Spacing – I have an interview for a photo internship with them next week. Crossing my fingers, since it’s the only place I’ve gotten a response from (nary even a rejection letter, I mean srsly). Good lookin’ out to a certain friend for the heads-up.
  4. The Eyeopener – Photo editor Jamie has taken over my life. Every week it’s a new assignment
  5. Procrastination – You know I’ve tried to keep this in check the last few months, but I’m also writing this instead of my 1500-word feature, which I only started today, which is due tomorrow at 1 p.m., which is worth 40% of my Critical Issues in Journalism mark. I am le suck.
  6. Former Transformer – With arguably the two best band photographers in Toronto, David Waldman aka Kid With Camera and Jess Baumung, we’ve started a new band photography collective called Former Transformer. I’m really excited about this, enough that I’m ending my hiatus/hibernation from shows just for this project. Wow, how inadequate do I feel right now?
  7. Mike – He left last week. I was despondent for a few days, and now I realize I can actually get work done. Just kidding, I miss ya beb.

I’ll try and get some photos up after school winds down later this week. I’ve been snapping a lot of editorial photos, some of which I think are worth sharing.

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