This new apartment ruined my life.

So in the month since I last posted, I moved into a new apartment downtown. Most of my time has been spent trying to keep up with school, tearing my hair out due to school, or attempting to partition my time well enough so that I could still eat by keeping up my two jobs. I have a history of getting caught up in new and shiny things, so um, here is a list of items I dream of owning.


Le Corbusier’s Barcelona chair
What do you even say about this thing? It’s marvellous and perfect and unattainably great. No wonder the dude went insane on hubris and renamed himself ‘the Crow’.
Boogie’s It’s All Good coffee table book
One of my favourite contemporary photographers. This version, sold by, is autographed.
Chris Stiles’ salt and pepper bone shakers
This is everything industrial design should be – aesthetically pleasing, cheap, universally recognizable for its purpose, embarassingly fun to use, and eminently original.
e15’s Tafel table-bench
I fucking love Scandinavians.
Gus’ Emma sofa
I must have some thing about tufted furniture. Freudian analysis might say I am cold, rigid, and uncomfortable, just like modern furniture. And pay intense detail to everything, like upholstery buttons.
EQ3’s Milo cocktail table
The great thing about EQ3 is that it’s just like Ikea, only not in the middle of nowhere, nor cheaply constructed. But it is just as cheap.
‘We are happy to serve you’ ceramic coffee cup
What better memento of my time in New York than the ubiquitous Greek coffee cup. This one is immortalized in all its brash, urban, ceramic, permanent glory. I want like, ten of these in my cupboards.
Alberto Mantilla’s Hug salt and pepper shakers
I saw these at the MoMA Living Design store last summer, and every time I see these, I coo. I mean, doesn’t your heart just melt into two harmonious, racially-diverse blobs of gelatin?
Jason Miller’s ceramic antler chandelier
Mike says I’m creepy for wanting this, but like any true urbanite, I like a bit of rustic charm. As long as it’s not actually organic.
Roost Design’s reclaimed wood shelves
These are colonial-era railroad stakes from a northern Indian province. They’d probably add a nice touch to the otherwise cold, rigid and uncomfortable decor I plan to have.
Scrapile’s table and bench
This is on the same environmentally sustainable and renewed materials tip. This company makes furniture from wood scraps in Brooklyn, and every piece is unique.

Now, start your Google engines, and buy me housewarming gifts! In lieu of such things, you may accompany me on my weekly couch-shopping trips, in which I hum and haw endlessly over a million couches that look the same.






5 responses to “This new apartment ruined my life.”

  1. Ryan Christopher Avatar
    Ryan Christopher

    Canice.. just buy that sexy Aquila frame and fasten it to the wall. I also bet you that Scrapile bench, if built how I see it, will last you a lifetime. Easy, girl.

  2. caniceleung Avatar

    Is that an offer, Ryan?

    I don’t think I’d sit on anything that pretty. Be too afraid of mucking it up.

  3. Jess Avatar

    I appreciate that you used the word hubris in this post. It’s one of my favourites.

    Also, the school of Interior Design’s year end show this year is devoted entirely to sustainable design. It’s called the new black. The website they have set up is pretty cool if you have time to check it out.

  4. andrewm Avatar

    yo! you can (or at least you used to be able to) buy those Alberto Mantilla’s Hug salt and pepper shakers at this store ‘iconic’ on queen west for like $16 bucks. i bought em there probably a year ago but they might still have them? i’m not even sure if that store is even there anymore actually but it was kind of across the street from rotate, 715 queen st. west?

  5. caniceleung Avatar

    iconic went out of business a few months ago, which is a shame because they had cool knick knacks like these that i couldn’t find anywhere else.

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