I can’t even make this shit up.

Today, for the second time in a matter of months, I had a run-in with a pervert at the bus stop on the way to school, The same bus stop, the same time. My account with the moustached man back in October is documented here.

This time, however, this little Korean-Asian-ambiguous man of mid-30s was a little more proactive, a little more eager. He decided the situation was so rife with opportunity to terrorize a 20-year-old unassuming girl that he had to stroke his peen, waiting for me to notice, leering, and breathing heavily. Even had the guff to ask as he rolled up to the bus shelter, “have you been waiting long?”

It’s led me to the conclusion – and there could be no other conclusion – that I must have tattooed on my forehead, in an ink that perverts can read but I cannot, the words “please show me your penis in public”. That, or I’m being stalked by a secret society of gross middle-aged dudes with serious sexual complexes.

I thought living in the downtown core was supposed to be the danger zone, but lightening isn’t supposed to strike twice. Two weeks til I move downtown. I’m safe!

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