Must be the new moon.

My new favourite spot in the city: the top of Kensington Market parking garage. A secluded, quiet spot to murder your friends.

PS: Ryan has a really nice bike. Champagne-coloured Gobbo track frame with Columbus SL tubing, vintage Campagnolo drive train and Chorus pedals, Alex DA-19 rims. Enough to kill for.







4 responses to “Must be the new moon.”

  1. brunch monkey Avatar
    brunch monkey

    You should check out the Vacuum factory at the corner of Bellevue and Oxford. I haven’t been there in a while, but a couple of years back I used to go up every week. You could climb the rickety fire escape (would be hard with a bike!), and see the whole market.

  2. Jess Avatar

    To quote Alex Dodd, who is sitting beside me. “I fucking love Canice.” (this quote was after we saw your first picture on the post. i agree. we agree on little else. I kicked his ass at Scrabble twice tonight.)
    Pleased to see Ryan on the blog.

  3. caniceleung Avatar

    monkey: duly noted. my next exploration of the market will include a foray into this mysterious factory, though given the constant metamorphosis (read: gentrification) of this neighbourhood, i doubt it still exists.

    jess: i fucking love alex dodd (not like that, that is strictly your territory) but yes. and you too. scrabble games post haste upon your return.

  4. Ian (aka PukPusher aka theCameraClicks) Avatar

    Do I see fixed gears? I do, I do! Oh how I miss my bike. =/

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