The Inevitable Toronto vs. New York Post

You knew it was coming. There are few Torontonians more paradoxically in love/hate with their hometown than me, but nevertheless I maintain a sense of pride for Hogtown/the alternatingly best-worst city in Canada. When I travel, I inexplicably and annoyingly constantly refer back to the virtues of my city, while ironically, at home I do nothing but bitch about how badly I want to be traveling instead.

Escapism aside, there are really only three reasons why I travel:
1) photography (check)
2) clothes (check)
3) food

After falling in love with The Cupcake Shoppe in Toronto earlier this year, I was anxious quell my inner foodster once more and try Magnolia’s version to see how it stacked up (like the rest of the world, Lazy Sunday was my introduction).


Here are the Cupcake Shoppe’s versions:


Cupcake Shoppe Magnolia Bakery
Pros Cons Pros Cons
– flavoured buttercream icing (mint/choco combo, A+ and raspberry was key)
– cool sprinkles (Nerds, gummy bears, Runts)
– short wait time
– marble cake
– too dense cake
– other stuff to butter ratio, 1:1
– can manage one cupcake before wanting to puke
– convenient park nearby to sit and eat (although I had the misfortune of having a pigeon shit on me from an overhanging branch while eating said cupcakes)
– fluffy cake
– choc/choc combo was amazing. I would go back for these
– other stuff to butter ratio, 2:1
– can manage three before nausea kicks in
– long wait
– shitty icing that they mistakenly named buttercream
– too sweet
– limited selection
The Winner: Cupcake Shoppe

So even if Toronto stands in as a second-rate facsimile for New York in film production, culture, music, art, education and atmosphere, at least we can say we have better cupcakes.

PS: Maybe I’m just being a sourpuss because I walked 30 mins in hot-as-balls weather to get to this place and built it up in my head. Whatevs.







3 responses to “The Inevitable Toronto vs. New York Post”

  1. peter Avatar

    Holy crap, Batman! And bird crap at that. I find it pretty amazing that a bird sent you a gift from above today and yet this is but a side note in your blog. I applaud you for that.

  2. caniceleung Avatar

    this old geezer who was fossilizing on the park bench next to me helped me wipe it off as i shrieked in horror. never got his name, but word up to my nig.

  3. caniceleung Avatar

    grazie! purtroppo non ho capito niente senza babelfish dei altavisita ed allora ho realizzato che siete uno spammer basso di vita!

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