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The first post. It’s an exciting thing, so full of hope and ambition and optimism. When I made my online editorial debut as a girlpage in the late 90’s and early 00’s (under lovely now-defunct domains like plasticglow and spiralstudios), I successively kept a Blogger-powered journal going for four years until I got lazy (or LiveJournal got free – but that is a chicken-egg question) and made the switch. Now, tired of the inherently uncoolness of being an LJ’er and incestuous friends list, I’m coming back home to the sometimes-welcoming arms of the blogosphere, where the wider audience and hope of landing on someone’s blog roll will hopefully scare me into writing intelligibly again (albeit this time with WordPress, not Blogger). Needless to say LJ encourages the pithy emotional side in me, and in turn, the monotony of writing about my feelings was killing my desire to photograph. I think I have a nagging idea that LJs are less flexible to the idea of true multimedia and design creativity, however flawed that may be, so I’m coming home to you, baby.

So on that note… After a brief conversation on Wikipedia last night over nachos at Sneak’s, in which my friend commented that everyone Wiki’s everything they need. And I started to think of all the time I save in journalism school when on assignment, starting my research on a story at Wikipedia (and often times ending it there, but let’s not get into my terribly poor research skills). So, I’m taking on a personal project to contribute to the site. For all the praise I extoll and lavish on democratic online media tools like Wikipedia, Youtube, GNN, and hell, even Myspace, I do very little to give back some real love for all they do for me. So, after setting up this blog last week, I started with expanding some of the grime and grime-related Wikipedia stub pages on a study break this afternoon. It’s kind of neat to think how many peeps might see what I did and check it out. Hopefully in the future I will expand my contributions to reflect my plethora of knowledge on such illuminated, world-changing topics like streetwear and sneakers. Haha.

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