Category: Toronto

  • Idle Hands

    I’m bored. McClung’s distro is done (for now), work at Green Candy is on semi-haitus (since my boss is in California for two weeks, I’m working from home), and Spacing jobs are doing der ting at der own pace. Unless I decide to send in some pitches, man I am… bored. Because of this, I’ve…

  • Lakeshore Blvd.

    Last week riding on the Lakeshore. Part of this summer’s goal to actually see the city.

  • Must be the new moon.

    My new favourite spot in the city: the top of Kensington Market parking garage. A secluded, quiet spot to murder your friends.

  • Winter Solstice

    Every year some good folk in Kensington Market put on a winter solstice celebration and parade. From what I caught, it seemed classically Kensington: equal parts young yuppie families, weirdo fireside dancing, hippies, costumes, pot-smoking, and strange pagan storytelling. Ryan and I missed 95% of the events, but here are some crowd shots, on my…

  • The Weekly Miscellany

    The New Yorker gets its cycling on in this month’s issue, written by the wonderful Ben McGrath. Bike Forums’ SSFG has its panties in a twist as usual, but they are also low brow pedal punks and kamikaze biker bullies and ignorami (for real, they called the New Yorker a “sugar-coated parade magazine for the…