Category: Negativity

  • How I learned to stop worrying and love the layoff

    I love my job at the Toronto Star. The elevator spiel — that I get paid to look at photos all day — really is the happy truth. Like, I got to make a video about a Lego man who went to space. But the Star, like all newspapers, is struggling. (They posted a 44 […]

  • Won’t somebody please say something about Chris Brown?!

    LIFE IS WITHOUT NEGATIVE CONSEQUENCES FOR CHRIS BROWN. — Canice Leung (@canice) February 13, 2012 Everyone’s read all the reasons why it’s wrong Chris Brown performed (and then won an award) at the Grammys. It doesn’t seem so difficult that you’d need someone to explain it to you, but if you’re in need of this […]

  • 52 Titles: Sara Marcus’ “Girls to the Front”

    I started going to hardcore shows when I was 15 or 16, probably getting out to one a week during my high school and university days. Ten years on, I’m lucky if I have time to make it to one or two in a year — that distance (and time) has given me space to […]

  • Things I believed in when I was 12 — but no longer do

    Writing a feminist column, I got the occasional irate reader. Most of them are nitpicky and miss the point, while others are straight up incomprehensible. Up until this point, my favourite one was a rambling, angsty Facebook message from a first-year male, white, university student from Calgary, who said there should be men’s studies if […]

  • File this one under rejects: Geisy Arruda, Gender and Morality 101

    The paper didn’t think this was publishable. I don’t often write satire, so I either laid it on too thick or not thick enough. I thought it was good, anyway.   Women are just so reckless — college gals like Geisy Arruda should learn to cover up, knowing that her male counterparts transform from mild-mannered […]