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A few words about my dog Tucker

I’d never wanted a fluffy dog, but my mom decided to adopt Tucker from friends. And so, suddenly we had a five-year-old fluff-ball that looked like an Ewok. Or a Wookie. An Ewookie? A Wookiewok? I was horrified to discover on the mantle of the previous family’s home a framed photo of Tucker with long, […]
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Maddicts Manonymous

In my terribly long absence, I bought, started, watched, finished, cried at (without shame) the complete series of The Wire, which is most epic. I’ll throw my hat in with Barack Obama and every nerdy, underpaid television columnist at every newspaper who say, uniformly: “The best television series ever.” I had actually bought the first […]
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New year. The goal is to not be a fuck-up and do something with my life. And maybe own that jacket, and this dress. And start blogging again.
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Tweet tweet.

I’ve nearly abandoned this blog since I signed up for Twitter. There’s something so satisfying (especially for an anal-retentive self-editor who makes drafts of message board posts) to keep my inane thoughts to under 140 words. Also, after several weeks of nerve-wracking uncertainty (because I am also a compulsive planner that fears uncertainty in life […]
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Shameless self promotion!

Just to show you guys that I don’t spend all my time just bitching about journalism… here’s some proof I actually do some of it. Sometimes. I was interviewed by a CBC radio crew as part of a panel discussion on The Future of News, which digitally airs Wednesday, Oct. 17 at 6 p.m. I […]
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