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Things I believed in when I was 12 — but no longer do

Writing a feminist column, I got the occasional irate reader. Most of them are nitpicky and miss the point, while others are straight up incomprehensible. Up until this point, my favourite one was a rambling, angsty Facebook message from a first-year male, white, university student from Calgary, who said there should be men’s studies if […]
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Lady Gaga’s feminist call to arms

You should watch this uncut, two-hour Q&A on with Lady Gaga. At the 21:30 mark, Mario Testino asks: “Your looks are so extreme. Is this a reaction to something? Are you questioning or altering the status quo of women’s style?” Yes, yes I am. I am a feminist. I reject wholeheartedly the way we […]
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More on hockey: Whither our golden girls when Games are over?

‘Cause I’m beating this horse good and dead before I move onto another topic to rage about, I wrote about hockey again, this time for my Metro column: Both our hockey teams struck Olympic gold in Vancouver. The next day, hockey fever raged on for the NHL. But whither the women after the podium is […]
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Quick thought about the new Love covers

Quick blog post this afternoon, as my CMS at work is down and thus have been handed a free extended lunch break. So, have you seen this? Well, this, 8x. Love Magazine (y’know, the one that put the outsized, in girth and personality, Beth Ditto on its cover for its first-ever issue) is putting eight […]
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The Dragon Lady

Ah, Wikipedia. It always seems to be the night I’m scrambling to finish some other writing that I come across a subject that grips me, sending me down a rabbit hole of Googling and complete focus derailment. Which is how I came to learn about Anna May Wong, a second-generation Chinese-American actress with Taishan roots. […]
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