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The Weekly Miscellany

The New Yorker gets its cycling on in this month’s issue, written by the wonderful Ben McGrath. Bike Forums’ SSFG has its panties in a twist as usual, but they are also low brow pedal punks and kamikaze biker bullies and ignorami (for real, they called the New Yorker a “sugar-coated parade magazine for the […]
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You know, I wasn’t even phased by how utterly, consumingly fun it was to ride from Chinatown to Finch Station at 2 a.m. in the bitter cold and wind because I missed the last subway and refuse to take the Vomit Comet. Just booked it from the El Mo at 1:45 and made it to […]
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There is a god!

Sorry for alienating all you non-bike riding readers. (Not really. But sorry about that lame caption at the bottom. Not my pic – it was stolen from
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Aeolian Ride

Images: Maki Hojo and Jake Dobkin SQUEE!!!! This is the New York City Aeolian Ride. Brainchild of Jessica Findley, volunteers receive a costume that inflates in the wind or at low speeds, then assemble to ride around the city for a couple hours. They look like giant ghosts and bubbly molar teeth riding around – […]
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We’ve been jammed!

In celebration of spring (aka biking weather) and in complete, utterly aghast ire at how dangerous and oblivious drivers in downtown Toronto are, I decided to join the masses for Critical Mass. It happens on the last Friday of every month, a spontaneous, unorganized gathering of cyclists who ride around the city in huge packs […]
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