Category: Cameras

  • There is a god! (part 2)

    The Canon M30/M80 – I know it came out last month, so I’m a bit late to the game, but it’s essentially a hard drive with a screen and a CF slot, and an invaluable gadget for the traveling or on-site photographer. This would have come in handy at the wedding I shot a couple…

  • Studio fun

    We got to use the studios at Parsons today. Bloody fascists won’t let the summer students use them under usual circumstances. John #1  

  • Warning: Do not hold lit fireworks.

    Jon and I celebrated the Victoria Day long weekend (and mourned our separation due to my impending visit to New York – which, by the way, I settled into on Sunday afternoon quite well) by buying fireworks. I also picked up a Canon 5D body at a ridiculously good price of $4030, and now owe…