Month: March 2009

  • Locavorism at its purest and most insane.

    Eating local is expensive and time-consuming, which is why this consumerist movement will not easily trickle down into mass society. It requires a willful abstinence from convenience and plenty, a core promise of the modern world. Our bountiful era is predicated on the division of labor: We don’t sew our own clothes, we don’t build…

  • Manwaxing

    Somehow this scene from 40-Year-Old Virgin is made so much better by upping the pitch on the audio.

  • No more shark fin soup

    She’s bummed.

  • Teenanger

    Reading about all these super-young bloggers who have fabulous lives and mothers who buy them Chloe purses had me wondering whether any teenager actually leads an awkward, angry existence the way I, and so many of my friends, did. Shame… all the pop cultural nostalgia they’ll have seven years down the road will be… Girl…

  • Words to live by

    “I prefer to have my hands in my pocket than to have a nice little bag. So I am not good for all these fashions. They have to sell bags, bags, bags, bags, bags, bags. I hate handbags.” —Carine Roitfeld