Next stop,

My e-friend sidneylo turned real-life friend Sidney Lo worked on a round-the-world photo project photographing members of a fashion message board last year, and during his stop in Toronto, we clambered up to one of my favourite hangouts in the entire city, the famed ballroom at the King Eddy, and took some photos.

When we were there there were piles of the old floorboards in the ballroom, with evidence of other renovation work in the back rooms and up in the loft — but that was months ago; maybe I should head back up there and see what they were up to.

Anyway, here is I, looking shockingly demure, considering what an asshole I really am:

He’s posting the rest of the series on his Flickr account, and there are some other ones on his online portfolio.



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2 responses to “Next stop,”

  1. Jess Avatar

    Field trip?

    It’s been three years.

  2. caniceleung Avatar

    excellent idea.

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