Month: February 2009

  • Fashion Week

    Yes. Yes. Yes. No.

  • Erin Wasson

    As if this woman didn’t already live the alter-ego, superfantastic version of my life… she also has my superfantastical apartment. Erin Wasson’s apartment in Greenwich Village.

  • Summer

    From the Brig last summer — that being Mike’s family cottage on the St. John River in New Brunswick.

  • Next stop,

    My e-friend sidneylo turned real-life friend Sidney Lo worked on a round-the-world photo project photographing members of a fashion message board last year, and during his stop in Toronto, we clambered up to one of my favourite hangouts in the entire city, the famed ballroom at the King Eddy, and took some photos. When we…

  • Recessionary times

    At first I chuckled when I read this New York magazine article, thinking it was some unapologetic “What, too soon?” parody on the incessant recession-related articles. How could it not be, with gems such as from this one “Ross Tillman”? My girlfriend goes to job one and job two every day; if only I had…