I’m a gurnalist!

To update:

  • I got the job at Spacing!
  • Our printer for McClung’s sketched out, and now we may not get it out for a long while. This is kind of desperate, but if you know of a kind-hearted, reliable printer in this horrid city who might cut us a deal, please contact me.
  • I was appointed co-editor for McClung’s 2007-08. Never have I felt so much catty, girl-on-girl rage. Or trepidation at having so much responsibility.
  • Everyone at the School of Journalism is afraid of me. Even my third-year magazine fundamentals teacher! I am bewildered and slightly hurt by this revelation, but should pat myself on the back for hiding my low self-esteem and insecurity so very well.
  • After receiving an absurdly high mark in my Third World Politics class with little to no effort expended, I’m convinced I’m invincible. Are A’s even allowed in universities? What is a bell curve, Alex?
  • I’ve been getting my stuff published in a few magazines lately, which makes me very happy. Here are some examples:

Under Pressure #12, Cold World. From their New Years Eve 2006 show at Cafe L’Inco, Montreal.

Under Pressure #13, Fucked Up. From their Hidden World record release show at the El Mocambo, Toronto.

Same deal as above – they are pretty popular photos, haha. Fuze is a Euro pdf-only magazine. They screwed up the resolution on this photo, which miffs me a bit since it’s digital. Oh, and Jess Baumung got the cover shot. Go Jess!







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  1. Matto Avatar

    Brother in the top right of the Cold World photo looks like he’s fixin’ to do the Safety Dance. I support this action.

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