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Lakeshore Blvd.

Last week riding on the Lakeshore. Part of this summer’s goal to actually see the city.
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More stuff you should pretend to be interested in.

The third-year magazine stream students put out a year-end publication of their field notes assignments. For those not attuned to modern Canadian magazine parlance, field notes are what The Walrus calls their sub-1,000 word explorations of the world’s most curious places and events. I wrote mine on the Andy Warhol exhibit that happened at the […]
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I’m a gurnalist!

To update: I got the job at Spacing! Our printer for McClung’s sketched out, and now we may not get it out for a long while. This is kind of desperate, but if you know of a kind-hearted, reliable printer in this horrid city who might cut us a deal, please contact me. I was […]
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‘Your job sucks’

The guitarist from Iron Age before their set last night at Adrift. The first show I’ve photographed since October of last year. See more at Former Transformer.
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I’m going to skip the apology for not blogging and just get right to the excuses. Here is what I’ve been doing lately: McClungs – Because of flakey photographers, and because we’re going to print next Monday, I’ve been shooting approximately 50% of the visual content. I guess that’s what small productions are like, completely […]
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