You don’t even know…

I don’t really get excited about shoes anymore (cough SB Bear Pack cough) but these 25th anniversary editions have unleashed the floodgates of nostalgia. I had a pair of Reebok Freestyle Hi’s when I was a lil beb, about 8 years old. They were white, with pink striping on the midsole, pink laces, logos and straps; paired with my purple tapered sweatpants and leggings, I was the queen of the schoolyard. I pretty much credit those shoes (along with the Uptempos, Pennys, and L.A. Gears I lusted after and would eventually own) with planting that little seed of sneakerfreakerism in me.

So on your 25th anniversary, dear Freestyle, I salute you!

P.S. I also had some really fly Converse One Stars in every colour imaginable. At the time, putting little craft beads on a safety pin and sticking it on your laces like a lace-lock was the coolest thing you can do. I thank my sister for passing on that 1999 knowledge.

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