Month: January 2007

  • You don’t even know…

    I don’t really get excited about shoes anymore (cough SB Bear Pack cough) but these 25th anniversary editions have unleashed the floodgates of nostalgia. I had a pair of Reebok Freestyle Hi’s when I was a lil beb, about 8 years old. They were white, with pink striping on the midsole, pink laces, logos and […]

  • I can’t even make this shit up.

    Today, for the second time in a matter of months, I had a run-in with a pervert at the bus stop on the way to school, The same bus stop, the same time. My account with the moustached man back in October is documented here. This time, however, this little Korean-Asian-ambiguous man of mid-30s was […]

  • An Inventory

    It’s snowing. My shoes are salty and ruined. And my bike is in storage. Complete contents of one (1) Supreme scatter-weave backpack in olive green, because I can: Nalgene bottle three copies of McClung’s wrinkled and torn A-section and crossword from the Toronto Star one battered reporter’s notebook one tattered RSU-issued agenda, with miscellaneous notes, […]

  • Quantifiable proof I was a loser.

    Preface: This post will heretofore be known as Part 2 of last month’s entry, “Things I Regret“. In Part 1, I mentioned how a combination of fate and dysfunction left me with a total of 0 photos of my first boyfriend, Lee. Four years ago, I was invited by John to be an audience member […]

  • A Year in Review, 2006

    In keeping with my own little annual e-traditions, it’s the photo year in review! Happy new year, bebs and bebettes.