Month: December 2006

  • Must be the new moon.

    My new favourite spot in the city: the top of Kensington Market parking garage. A secluded, quiet spot to murder your friends.

  • Winter Solstice

    Every year some good folk in Kensington Market put on a winter solstice celebration and parade. From what I caught, it seemed classically Kensington: equal parts young yuppie families, weirdo fireside dancing, hippies, costumes, pot-smoking, and strange pagan storytelling. Ryan and I missed 95% of the events, but here are some crowd shots, on my…

  • No rain.

    The foliage is probably, regrettably, the most compelling thing in Richmond Hill.

  • Things I Regret

    I vascillate between periods of extreme laissez-faire and remorse for the hilarious idiocy I put myself through. So much so, that in the last couple years of high school I kept uttering some insipid hardcore lyric about no regrets thinking it would make an excellent life mantra (and now, conveniently, cannot remember how it goes).…