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Canice meets the melting pot at the Puerto Rican Day Parade

So… so… so hilarious. I missed the actual parade up Fifth Ave. but got there in time for the debauchery and crassness of the afer-party – a loose term I’d use to describe the aimless wandering up and down Madison and Park Aves. on foot and in cars, blasting bad hip-hop and hollering indecipherable things […]
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Braveheart Theme, Euro Remix

I’m sitting in the courtyard of the Chelsea International Hostel. With a certain degree of sadness I hung my photos in the Parsons summer student exhibit, and got really bummed when it came time to tear down. Photos of our show forthcoming, but to say the least, uppercrust white parents from Connecticut are not the […]
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Coney Island, Pt. 3

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My Youtube Debut

Times Square part one: Times Square part two:
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Coney Island, Pt. 2

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