If called upon to make a speech…

…aka “You love me! You really love me!”

In a surprising twist of the most bizarre, out-of-left-field nature, I’ve been named as a finalist in the 2006 Better Newspapers Competition for the Best Campus Photography category. Even stranger, my sister informed me of this on the weekend, after recently Googling my name on a whim. She mentioned it offhand as though I already knew what was going on (I didn’t), and I had to go home to look at the page to confirm for myself (it’s true).

The nomination is for a photography series of Fucked Up that was published in the Varsity, the University of Toronto student newspaper, back in January. Who knew people actually thought band photography was a legitimate artform? And how come the writer nor the editors bothered to inform me? The awards are being held on Saturday, so I guess I’ll find out then.






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  1. Jess Avatar

    That’s random. Congrats on the nomination kiddo.

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