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The Inevitable Toronto vs. New York Post

You knew it was coming. There are few Torontonians more paradoxically in love/hate with their hometown than me, but nevertheless I maintain a sense of pride for Hogtown/the alternatingly best-worst city in Canada. When I travel, I inexplicably and annoyingly constantly refer back to the virtues of my city, while ironically, at home I do […]
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Astor Place

Lafayette and 8th, after buying this:
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New York, Day 1

Bye, Toronto.  
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Warning: Do not hold lit fireworks.

Jon and I celebrated the Victoria Day long weekend (and mourned our separation due to my impending visit to New York – which, by the way, I settled into on Sunday afternoon quite well) by buying fireworks. I also picked up a Canon 5D body at a ridiculously good price of $4030, and now owe […]
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If called upon to make a speech…

…aka “You love me! You really love me!” In a surprising twist of the most bizarre, out-of-left-field nature, I’ve been named as a finalist in the 2006 Better Newspapers Competition for the Best Campus Photography category. Even stranger, my sister informed me of this on the weekend, after recently Googling my name on a whim. […]
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