Proof that advice columnists can be journalists too.

Here. As compelling a read as anything by Gay Talese or Amy Waldman or David Friend. Who says sex columnists don’t have any depth?

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    Define dissent, Fern. I don’t think you are being cisnostent here.I don’t see it as the most unpopular move by a Canadian government. If it were, I’d say bringing in the FTA and the GST were certainly up there. The Conscription crisis of 1917 almost split the country. And there was also the Trudeau’s Wage and Price Controls.I’d also say the War Measures Act was enormously popular outside of francophone Quebec.The Charlottetown Accord vote was a humiliating rejection of the Mulroney government, closely followed by that electoral defeat which destroyed the PCs.As for dissent … the G20 in Toronto, the Clayoquot Sound protest, at Oka in 1990. Maybe even the anti-prorogue rallies count too. I am sure there’s plenty more that I can’t recall.

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    I’d guess a single-stack M&P compact in 9mm is the most likely new product, something to compete with the Beretta Nano, Kimber Solo and Ruger LC9. What I’m hoping for is that they simply create a “thin” MPc that retains realistic height and length dimensions and a good trigger rather than a 9mm version of the Bodyguard.RSM

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