Chibougamau, Pt. 4

At a kids’ Bible camp, cleanliness is next to godliness.

(Okay, poor humour. Love this shot even if my arm snuck in on some fourth-wall tip.)

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    Hi Casey. A couple of tihngs come to mind. First, in your Clocks.js file (renamed from chat_bot) did you replace the AUTH, USERID, and ROOMID variables with the actual values for your bot user and room? Also, if the path to your node.js exe has any spaces in it, like the My Documents folder for example, you’d need to put that path in quotes in the batch file. So your batch file might look something like: C:\Users\MyUsername\My Documents\nodejs\node.exe C:\Users\MyUsername\My Documents\nodejs\alaingilbert-Turntable-API-a8dd908\examples\Clocks.js . In the example I used, I’ve got my batch file and node.exe file in the same folder, with the javascript bot file a couple folders down from that, so my example uses paths relative to that nodejs folder, so they start with .\ instead of C:\. The mention of powershell actually doesn’t matter here, so I will remove that from that paragraph, seems confusing. Thanks for the feedback, and let me know if this helps you. If you’re still stuck, hit me with some more details and I’ll see if I can get you going!

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    Thanks for asking this, I stumped myself while thinking about this argument the other day. We go around saying “that test killed me” or “the sun is murdering my eyes” as exaggerated jokes, but no one stops and tells me how offensive that is. And I asked myself, why not? I mean, I FEEL more offended by the trivialization of rape, but I couldn’t explain why.

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